QMS and IMS with SharePoint and Office 365


QMS & IMS l Quality Management Systems & Integrated Management Systems with SharePoint (Online) and Office 365

By introducing an enterprise management system, we, as an ISO-certified company, were able to make our processes and managed documents available to our employees in the simple way that makes sense and is also necessary. Through the integration with SharePoint, we were able to use and deploy already existing functions such as document versioning and document approval processes perfectly for us.

(LR, Austria)

For decades, we have combined Microsoft products such as SharePoint, both local and online, with our expertise in Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Integrated Management Systems (IMS) to provide the best possible support to our ISO certified customers.

In doing so, the same challenges have arisen again and again for our customers in recent years:

  • A platform for managing and storing documents in a revision-safe manner
  • Easy and user-friendly access for employees
  • Simple design and administration of a visual process map
  • Convenient document management for QM administrators
  • Intuitive review and approval process

In most cases, our customers already had the necessary platform in place with SharePoint (either as a local installation or with Microsoft/Office 365). Therefore, it was simply a matter of deploying and configuring the IMS system on top of their existing SharePoint infrastructure.

The advantages of combining an IMS with SharePoint and Microsoft/Office 365 are evident:

  • Base platform already in use and licensed
  • No additional infrastructure (local or cloud) required
  • Functions such as versioning and document management already integrated and available
  • No need to think about backup and recovery with Microsoft / Office 365

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